Fresh Spaces Home Services

You will make more money.

  • A 2014 survey noted that 50% of the staged homes sold for 10% more than their neighbors homes.

The cost of staging now will save you money from a price reduction later.

  • When the seller spent 1% of the value of the home on staging, they saw an average 1000% return on their investment.

Your house will sell much faster.

  • Professionally staged homes spend 72% less time on the market.

Online home photos will stand out.

  • 95% of buyers will look at your house online before walking through it.

Someone to view your home objectively will allow you to maximize your homes potential.

  • Seeing the flaws and strengths in your house is key to knowing how to stage and sell your home in the most profitable way.

Not staging your home will help the competition.

The BEST reasons to stage your home!

I love to pack. I can help you pack and help you assess what to store and where to store it.  I can host a garage sale, do online listings or find a place to consign unwanted furniture. During all of these assessments we will always keep in mind how to get the most money for your items and spend the least money to pack and store your items.

Do-it-yourself list and pre-staging

My experience in Architecture and flipping houses has made me aware of how to spend your renovation budget so it covers the most ground in the most effective way. We will chose materials and contractors that will make the most sense to get your house sold for top dollar!

Moving Services​                                                                                                 $60/hr

I research your neighborhood prior to our staging day and I use the demographics of the typical buyer in your area to know what appeals to them so they will better connect with your home.  When I come to stage your home, I use our staging plan to arrange each room's furnishings, hang artwork, and accessorize throughout, making your home appear as large, light and appealing as possible so it makes a lasting impression on buyers. Whether we use the artwork and accessories you have, supplement with our inventory or purchase a few important design pieces that add that perfect final touch, we will make your house look its best and stand out from the competition. 

Staging Day..................................... $620

Organization services                                                                                       $45/hr

If you need more help after our staging, I'll give you specifics on storage solutions and reorganize your houses function so showing your house will be easier and the preparation for a showing will be faster. I have tips so your home is fresh and updated. We will find key organizational items that will pull everything together.

​​​Renovation Services                                                                                           $90/hr

At the consultation, I will customize a room by room plan based on your specific needs and budget to identify any work that needs to be done. If you will be staging with me, we will have a list of cleaning and packing that needs to be done to make the most effective use of our staging time. The staging plan will also outline tips for the do-it-yourselfer to make your house fresh and updated. When this phase is complete, you can list your home or we can go further and arrange a staging day to maximize your homes best features.

Home Staging on Chicago's North Shore

Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, Highland Park, Northbrook

Walk and Talk Consultation............$220

I will go through your home with you, inside and out, and make detailed recommendations. We'll discuss what should be done to best highlight your home . We'll chose what is critical vs what is just desirable to work on. We will identify and create a budget.  I will help you identify focal points and create "moments" in each room. We will then create a 20 page staging action plan for us to work from.

Additional Services :